NCT U Had No Idea What A Bop Was, So Haechan Schooled Them

Haechan had his work cut out for him.

NCT U‘s Jaehyun, Doyoung, Taeil, and Haechan gathered to discuss their upcoming single “Coming Home”. Jaehyun said his favorite part of the song was the “start, middle, end.”


Maknae Haechan decided to sum it up by saying, “It’s a bop.” As soon as he said the phrase, Doyoung and Jaehyun froze in confusion but tried to play it off. Anyone could tell they didn’t understand, though.

Taeil was just as confused and turned toward Haechan to ask what it meant: “What? Bob Dylan?”

Jaehyun kept saying the word, “Bomb,” while Doyoung was convinced he meant, rice, or bap. All of their guesses were so far off the mark that Haechan corrected them, “Bop!” He then tried explaining it by saying, “Hit song.”

Haechan further explained by saying it’s a term specifically used in the United States that means a song is a hit. Even with the explanation, Doyoung couldn’t believe it.

No, there’s actually a phrase called “bop” in the States, carrying a meaning for “hit song.”

The age difference between Haechan and his hyungs is wide; moments like this make it seem even wider. Watch Haechan hilariously school the older members, who didn’t want to believe him, on the term here.