NCT’s Jaehyun Is Breathtakingly Gorgeous In Latest Pictorial

Handsome man.

NCT‘s Jaehyun made his cover boy debut as the face of the first 2020 High Cut Magazine issue, and he looks absolutely stunning.

Many have complimented the idol for his visuals, praising him for his effortless beauty. The idol has been worshiped since his debut about his princely looks, and it truly shines in this pictorial.

The idol wears avant-garde clothing, rocking snowboarding goggles, and backpacks to show off the wintertime. Despite the flashy fashion, Jaehyun manages to look handsome, shining above the garment.

With his model-like proportions and godly features, it’s no surprise that Jaehyun would be making his cover debut sooner or later, and what a great way to start 2020; by being blessed with model Jaehyun! NCTzens are hoping that the idol books more modeling gigs in the future, and that the rest of NCT get a shot at modeling as well.

Source: Pann