NCT’s Jaehyun Designed A T-Shirt And Fans’ Reactions Have Been Hilarious

Would you wear this?

NCT 127 recently designed t-shirts in collaboration with streetwear brand Slowacid. Their t-shirts are personally designed by each member. However, member Jaehyun‘s design has gotten some mixed responses with its straightforward approach. While others drew cute animals or symbols on their shirts, Jaehyun went all out and wrote whatever represented him on his shirt.

| @dokidokikk9/Twitter

Personally naming it the “Scrap Short T-Shirt”, Jaehyun wrote on the shirt a variety of things that represented him, including the following.

  • 1997, his birth year.
  • Valentine, his birthday, which falls on February 14.
  • Cow zodiac sign.
  • Classic, a word he feels represents him.
  • His motto, “seize the day”.
  • His birth name, Yoonoh.
  • NCT, his group.
| @wldmsdbsdh/Twitter

However, fans have found his t-shirt hilarious, given that it might be a little odd to wear all of that in public. Here are some of the funniest reactions.

1. He won’t wear it.

The way “cow zodiac sign” is written there so blatantly and straightly, is so funny. Jung Jaehyun may have designed this but he wouldn’t wear it out.

— 219_JW_

2. Stating the obvious

Jaehyun-ah, now the entire world will know your zodiac is the cow.

— stillsureofu

3. Would you buy it?

I can’t wear this out even if you pay me to.

— yougurtsmo00thie

4. Surprisingly not Mark.

Given that Mark is known to be the quirky, awkward-but-lovable character of the group, fans were shocked that the shirt was designed by Jaehyun and not mark.

5. Valentines’ official fan outfit?

If you wear Jung Jaehyun’s t-shirt out, people will be able to know you’re a fan of Jaehyun from 500m away. For real. This is just proof that the person that is wearing it is an NCTzen.

— poeticmetaphor_

What do you think? Would you wear it?