NCT’s Jaehyun Can Draw His Members With His Eyes Closed—Literally

Can you guess who it is? NCT knew before he’d even finished.

On an episode of Teen Vogue‘s I Dare You, NCT 127 took turns choosing between truth or dare. When it came to dares, they showed off skills they’d never shown before.


Jaehyun had chosen one that required him to draw one of his members, with his eyes closed. Typically that would be a difficult task but didn’t phase him one bit. In fact, Doyoung said, “Jaehyun is good at this, drawing with his eyes closed.”

With a notepad and pen in his hands, Jaehyun closed his eyes and jumped right into the task. To make sure his eyes were fully closed, Haechan waved a hand in front of them. After all, it wouldn’t have been as fun if he’d been peeking.

Before Jaehyun could even finish his drawing, all of them knew exactly who it was. Johnny and Doyoung burst into laughter before Jaehyun revealed his masterpiece to the camera. On the paper, he’d only drawn long hair.

That was enough for everyone to figure out it was Yuta, even himself, making them all laugh. Since Yuta thought it had been too easy, he urged Jaehyun to draw someone else as well, “Do another one.”

Jaehyun did what he asked, closing his eyes and putting pen to paper once more. Like before, Yuta pointed out the hair as the dead giveaway, “You can tell by the hair.” Before he could finish, Johnny correctly guessed who it was.

Jaehyun gave Johnny a high-five for his answer. The second masterpiece had been the maknae Haechan, drawing short hair and thick lips. He then showed how accurate the drawing was by holding it up beside Haechan’s face. To make it that much more similar, Haechan closed his eyes and puckered his lips.

If anyone ever needs to draw someone in the dark, Jaehyun is the person they’d want to do it. See him tap into his unusual artistic skills here. Were you able to guess that he’d drawn Haechan?