NCT’s Jaehyun Was So Touched By A Fan’s Compliment That He Wants To Hear It Forever

It opened his eyes to something he’d never realized before.

Although NCT‘s Jaehyun previously revealed what he likes to hear most from fans, one recently gave him a compliment that touched his heart so deeply that he wants to listen to it forever.

Jaehyun | @_jeongjaehyun/Instagram

During Jaehyun’s interview with Vogue Korea magazine, the outlet asked him if there was a particular compliment that he wanted to hear. He recalled one that a longtime fan said to him, “Recently, I felt so touched by a fan who was with us from the start.

The NCTzen acknowledged how much Jaehyun has improved since their debut. Jaehyun shared their heartfelt words, “And I was told that I keep advancing forward, improving myself in many aspects.

It opened Jaehyun’s eyes to the fact that NCTzens are paying attention to all the details he puts so much effort into.

And that compliment made me think that there are people who recognize my consistent hard work.

— Jaehyun

It also boosted his confidence in his growth as a person and artist. Jaehyun added, “So that made me feel really proud and cheered me up.” In fact, he was quick to say that he wanted to hear it “forever.

Watch Jaehyun talk about the fan compliment that made him see everything differently.