NCT’s Jaehyun Picks Which Of His Fandom Names He Likes Most

They both have a nice ring to them, but one rings louder.

With a group as big as NCT, NCTzen and WayZenNi may be the only two official fandom names—the latter belonging to WayV—but there are over twenty individual ones with personal touches from the members and fans.

Some members like Taeyong, Lucas, Ten, and Haechan have a single name for their individual fandom: Tyongfs, Lumis, 10velys, and Sunflowers, respectively. Other members like Jaehyun have more than one.

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During one of the group’s recent online fan signings, Jaehyun ended up sharing which of the names he liked just a bit more than the other.

An NCTzen asked Jaehyun if he liked the fandom names Valentines or Peachzens more. Initially, Jaehyun didn’t want to put choose one over the other and was pleased with either of them. He said, “Well, I like– It doesn’t matter what they call. I love it all.

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If he had no choice but to choose between them, there was one that spoke to him more. Jaehyun said, “Valentines.

In the end, both of the names were special to Jaehyun. The best part of having two is that there’s a name for everyone based on their personal taste.

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