NCT’s Jaehyun Looks Like A Fresh Peach Bursting With Aegyo And Fans Can’t Handle It

Can you survive this visual shock?

Inside a sneak peek for an upcoming episode of Weekly Idol, NCT 127‘s Jaehyun can be seen pulling off his best “aegyo” for his teammate, Mark. In doing so, Jaehyun looked way too cute in his pink hair – and now the fans are calling him a “human peach”.


As for a little background story, Jaehyun is trying to convince Mark to pick him. Jaehyun can be heard saying, “You’ll pick me, right?” as he showcases his best attitude for Mark.


Mark reacts in the cutest way too, and NCTzens largely identify with Mark, feeling attacked by this unexpected aegyo explosion from Jaehyun. In his pink hair, Jaehyun looks like a peach – too fresh to be true.

Since Jaehyun has dyed his hair pink for the new album promotion, NCTzens knew he looked out-of-this-world amazing – but what they didn’t know was that he had become the most perfect human form of this fresh and sweet fruit!


NCTzens continue to remain absolutely fluttered by Jaehyun’s peachy-ness. ICYMI: Here are some more peachy Jaehyun to vitalize your day.