NCT’s Jaehyun And Mark Smashing Chinese Food Will Definitely Make You Hungry AF

You’re drooling.

On a recent YouTube video with popular content creator Korean Englishman, NCT‘s Jaehyun and Mark went to eat at a Chinese restaurant. They got so excited about trying out different items on the menu that they ended up ordering a ton of food and stuffing themselves so full – and the fans are super satisfied by the boys’ appetite!


Mark and Jaehyun claimed that Chinese food has a special place in their hearts, because it bring back memories from their trainee days. They both explained that they used to eat a lot of Chinese food as trainees, since it was easy to order and had quick delivery.


Excited to try some of their favorite Chinese dishes, Jaehyun first looked over the seafood section of the menu. He stated, “I’m usually a big fan of prawn dishes.” As soon as he mentioned chili prawns, both Mark and Josh, the YouTuber, were sold!


Mark claimed he’s a fan of chicken, but then proceeded to order “Tangsuyuk (탕수육)”, or sweet-and-sour pork. All this time, Mark thought the menu was cooked with chicken! Fans can’t help but crack up at Mark’s reaction when he found out the truth! He corrected himself and added he likes chicken and pork.


Soon, the food started pouring out from the kitchen on to their table. Jaehyun and Mark’s eyes start to sparkle as they dove in to try the different dishes! From spicy chicken to classic bean paste noodles, Jaehyun and Mark really indulged themselves!


As the four men continued to dine like kings, they discussed NCT’s meaning and success, K-Pop’s growing presence in the world, and the friendship among the members. While the video started out with them just pigging out, it ended up sharing a lot of information about what Jaehyun and Mark think about their careers, their dreams and goals, and ultimately each other.

We’re a group. We always have to understand the fact that we’re on the same boat. We came here, in this label, all for the same reason, so… we always kind of remind each other of that.

— Mark


NCTzens love that Mark and Jaehyun got to take a break from their busy schedules and really sit down to enjoy some good food with good company! In the end, Mark thanked the YouTubers for giving him and Jaehyun a chance to wind down – and fans are grateful too.


Here’s the full clip, for a lot of food and a lot more UWUs: