MONSTA X’s Minhyuk And NCT’s Jaehyun Are A K-Drama Come To Life

Minhyuk is living every NCTzen’s dream.

Since NCT‘s Jaehyun and MONSTA X‘s Minhyuk are co-hosts for SBS‘s The Show, they filmed a promotion for the station’s yearly music festival Gayo Daejun. It was so adorable that it could’ve easily been part of a drama.


At the beginning of the scene, Minhyuk cutely complained about how cold he was, pretending to shiver as he knocked his hands together to keep warm. He wouldn’t be cold for long because Jaehyun wouldn’t allow it.

He came to Minhyuk’s rescue with a scarf. Jaehyun called him, “Hyung,” as he carefully wrapped it around him. The sweet act made Minhyuk freeze in his tracks, funnily blinking one eye harder than the other.

To the tone of MONSTA X’s “Lonely Christmas”, Minhyuk quickly turned to look at Jaehyun, showing just how touched he was. It was the face every NCTzen would make, wanting to be cared for by Jaehyun.

After the adorable scene, Minhyuk held his scarf close, and Jaehyun pulled his coat closed to show how “cold” they were. If you look up cute in the dictionary, you’ll find their faces next to it.

See the sweet scene between them that not only could’ve been put right into a drama but made Monbebes and NCTzens’ hearts warm.