Recent Photo of NCT’s Jaehyun Stirs up Controversy Due to a Mysterious Hand on His Ankle

Jaehyun followed it up with his own reaction to the photo.

In the midst of NCT‘s North American tour in the U.S. and Canada, a photo taken of Jaehyun has stirred up quite the controversy on social media.

Jaehyun recently shared multiple photos of himself posing in front of the water in Vancouver on NCT’s official Twitter account.

Jaehyun showed off all sorts of poses while putting on a hat and even lying down in front of the gorgeous view.

But it was just one of those photos that grabbed the attention of many netizens for a pretty chilling reason.

In the photo, Jaehyun can be seen posing with his hat on and making a peace sign above his head.

In what seems like an ordinary photo at first, if you look more carefully, a hand can be seen grabbing Jaehyun’s ankle.

Many just assumed that it was another member playing a prank on him or both Jaehyun and that member pranking their fans, but Jaehyun later made another post regarding the photo.

He captioned the photo, “WHAAATT???!! What the heck is this???” and made their fans shiver in fear once more.

It’s uncertain whether this was a prank or not, but what remains unchanged is how scary the photo looks as if Jaehyun was in some kind of horror movie.

Source: Dispatch