NCT Jaehyun’s Reaction To Mark’s Cooking Is Absolutely Priceless

Haechan and Jaehyun did not want a plate 😂

Not only does NCT‘s Mark show off his skills in multiple groups, but he also sparks laughter with his questionable egg-frying skills that had Gordon Ramsay roasting him. This time, Jaehyun‘s reaction to Mark’s cooking had everyone laughing.

Mark | @NCTsmtown_127/Twitter

On an episode of NCT WORLD 2.0, Mark received a challenge that was perfect for him. He had to fry enough eggs for all the NCT 2020 members. Mark felt the pressure and caused a setback.

Mark pushed the egg yolk right off the top, ruining the chance for it to become a perfectly fried egg. His members’ hilarious reactions made up for it, though.

Seeing it all happen up close, Haechan burst into laugher so contagious you’ll want to laugh along too. What took the cake was Jaehyun’s expression. Jaehyun was so shocked by the egg’s outcome that all he did was give a blank stare.

On top of their reactions, seeing the yolk spill all over the plate made it funnier. Kun even made Renjun laugh by saying, “That looks like stir-fried eggs!

While that egg deserved Jaehyun’s hilarious reaction, Mark was able to complete the challenge, whipping up over twenty perfectly fried eggs.

Jaehyun | @NCTsmtown_127/Twitter

Check out the rocky road to Mark’s egg-frying success that’ll make you laugh along with them.


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