That Time NCT’s Jaehyun, Ten, And Doyoung Pranked Johnny For His Birthday — And Ended Up Proving Just How Kind And Considerate He Is

Johnny was so worried!

NCT‘s Johnny is easily one of the funniest members of NCT. Though he always teases his members (especially Mark!), fans have always appreciated how warm and positive his sense of humor is. Yet, there was one prank that some of his members pulled on him on his birthday a few years ago that Johnny totally fell for, and it ultimately revealed his true caring nature.

While shooting for NCT LIFE in Chiang Mai in 2017, Johnny, Taeyong, Jaehyun, Ten, and Doyoung, sat down for a special activity together. Leader Taeyong gave each of the members a special writing pad, and proposed that they write thoughtful messages to their fans from Thailand on them. Doyoung did not get very far—and quickly made a dramatic exit.

NCT LIFE in Chiang Mai EP 04 | NCT/VLIVE

Little did Johnny and Taeyong know, Doyoung, Ten and Jaehyun had been scheming with the staff and producers to prank Johnny for his birthday. The plan was that Doyoung would pretend to be sick, and that Jaehyun would get impatient with him about it.

Johnny and Taeyong did not question anything, since Doyoung had started complaining about digestive troubles since they had dinner earlier that evening. It was almost too funny for Jaehyun to handle…

…but he pulled through. At this point the members were under the impression that the cameras were no longer rolling. Jaehyun poked savagely at the issue, saying that Doyoung should have held it together for the last shoot of the day…

…while Johnny and Taeyong got increasingly worried.

Jaehyun even suggested that Doyoung was acting like that for no reason…but Johnny was touchingly quick to defend Doyoung!

The staff soon informed the members that Doyoung would be dropping out of that evening’s shoot, while Doyoung hilariously was downstairs preparing a special birthday surprise for Johnny.

A minute later the surprise was revealed, and Johnny couldn’t believe it! And judging by the look on his face, he was certainly telling himself he should have expected this.

Jaehyun, Doyoung and Ten were extremely amused, especially at how hard Taeyong had fallen for the prank.

In fact, Taeyong was utterly frozen! Johnny had definitely been taken by surprise, but he still reacted faster, hilariously complaining about he had been putting in so much effort.

Ultimately, the prank was a total success, and thankfully both victims found the whole thing really funny, if not a little embarrassing!

And if there is one thing that the prank showed, it’s how caring and thoughtful the members are with each other; even when they thought the cameras weren’t rolling, Taeyong and Johnny continued to act with kindness and consideration towards their members. Taeyong really proved his leadership skills, and Johnny proved he’s an amazingly considerate person!

You can watch the prank on the link below.

Source: VLIVE