NCT Jaehyun’s True Personality Was Revealed By Staff Who Worked With Him

“Those with a powerful agency as a backup don’t usually greet people politely but he was different.”

A review about NCT‘s Jaehyun written by a staff member of an event that NCT participated in has resurfaced and convinced fans about Jaehyun’s true character.

The review was posted by a staff of the 2016 Asia Song Festival along with a few photos as proof of their identity.

The other members greet people well too but Jaehyun greets people who he met even just a second ago again and again. Also, there are many staff members who ignore idols’ greetings.

If someone ignored my greeting a few times, I would probably feel offended and stop but Jaehyun does it until the very end.

This is actually quite surprising because there are so many rookies who don’t greet people at all.

Those with a powerful agency as a backup don’t usually greet people politely but he was different.

Also, I’m part of the sound team so the artists know better than anyone else that I have no power to give them any connections so simply put, they have no reason to look good in front of me (there are idols who consider these facts and greet the staff). It’s not like I’ll make the sound terrible if an idol doesn’t greet me and I don’t like them. Jaehyun doesn’t greet the staff just to look good to them. I think he is really thankful to the staff for their efforts and respects them for it. When leaving, he also continued to bow to each staff and thank them for their work (the only idol I saw doing this was Jaehyun). Due to the nature of my work, I’m used to seeing good-looking kids all over the place but Jaehyun makes you look again because of his actions. On top of that, his good looks made me come home and search about him and be more interested.

This is not a big deal but NCT Dream’s Chenle almost ran into a staff member in the hallway riding the skateboard and Jaehyun told him, “Uh, careful careful.” I guess it’s not a big deal… There’s no doubt about it that he’s really handsome in person but his legs were also really long. I took this photo to show a friend who’s an NCT fan but didn’t know I’d use this for a review. I’m meeting them again soon so if I have something special to share, I’ll bring it.

ㅡ Staff

In fact, other people who have met Jaehyun have also become fans after meeting him in person. An owner of a cafe apparently shared a post about the group after they visited and said that Jaehyun was particularly handsome and kind.

The owner said she saw NCT and wanted to become a fan after because they were so good-looking….that Jaehyun was really handsome. She said he couldn’t be more kind and handsome. There are many agencies nearby so celebrities often visit, but she said he was the kindest among the celebrities she’s seen. She thought Jaehyun and Johnny were models.

Wow, NCTzens discovered hidden NCT today, thank you. Cute people. Thank you for the key chain too. #nct #nct127 #nctjaehyun

Moreover, the host who interviewed NCT 127 in America also stated that she became a fan of Jaehyun after meeting him in person.

Netizens agreed that they believe Jaehyun is particularly loved by the people around him for his caring and thoughtful personality.

  • “I love him so much and how sincere he is.”
  • “He’s well-mannered and sensible…the type who has been raised really well.”
  • “People often become fans because he’s good-looking and good at his job but his personality is real. He has the charm that attracts people with his words and actions.”
  • “Jaehyun is simply perfect. Perfectomundo.”
  • “It’s obvious when people are taught well growing up.”