How NCT’s Jaemin Took Care Of ITZY’s Chaeryeong Is Warming Hearts

The smell of friendship is in the air, and fans are here for it.

For The 11th INK Incheon K-Pop Concert, NCT‘s Jaemin and ITZY‘s Chaeryeong were selected at the MCs for the online concert’s festivities.

Since ITZY is a newer group, the kindness Jaemin showed Chaeryeong in looking out for her as a sunbae warmed fans’ hearts.

| @NCTsmtown_DREAM/Twitter

When idols from different groups are paired together as MCs, there’s typically a level of awkwardness that can be easily noticed. Although that applied to Jaemin and Chaeryeong, they were making an effort to close that gap.

Throughout the concert’s airing, Jaemin took the lead as the sunbae. Already comfortable being an MC, he made enough eye contact with Chaeryeong to make their lines flow more naturally.

That, combined with the pacing of his lines, ensured that Chaeryeong was able to keep up and feel comfortable as well.

When taking a look at Jaemin’s blank face in-between their MC segments, it showed the effort he put into guiding Chaeryeong when they were in MC mode. The kindness sparked the idea that the two should become friends. Fans may just their wish.

After being MCs together, the two agreed to give each other warm greetings whenever they meet on stage once again.

Since there’s only a year age difference between the two, Chaeryeong and Jaemin could definitely become fast friends.

Check out the attentive way Jaemin was a kind sunbae to Chaeryeong.