NCT’s Jaemin Ended Up In A Funny Position When He Didn’t Know A Fan’s Video Call Was Connected

He explained to the fan what he was doing.

If you’ve ever wondered what K-Pop idols do between video calls for online fan signings, NCT DREAM‘s Jaemin gave everyone the answer.


When a fan’s video call with Jaemin connected, they didn’t find him sitting right in front of the camera. Instead, he was doodling on the backdrop until he realized the fan was already there.

After a brief moment of surprise, Jaemin instantly played it off by greeting the fan with a bright smile.

Because anyone would be curious, Jaemin explained what had taken his attention. He said, “I was drawing something on my face.

Jaemin even asked the fan for their thoughts on his artistic choices. He questioned, “What do you think about glasses?

Between his adorable smile and how relaxed he handled it, fans adored how Jaemin turned what could’ve been an awkward moment into a funny one.

Jeno and Jaemin.

Source: Weibo