NCT Jaemin’s Most Embarrassing Moment Played Out On National Television

It even made the news:

For most of us, only our family members and closest friends know about our most embarrassing moments of all time. While this often means we get teased at every opportunity by them, at least the chances of the whole world finding out about it are slim to none. Unfortunately for NCT‘s Jaemin, that’s just not the case.


Jaemin has had two of his most embarrassing moments take over the internet and even television! The first incident happened in 2018 at SMTown in Dubai. Because of his nerves, Jaemin accidentally introduced himself as Jeno and everything was caught on camera. Of course, the embarrassing incident quickly took over the internet and even know fans get a chuckle over it.


But it’s his latest embarrassing moment that will be forever even more legendary. On March 12, Jaemin, Jeno, and Jisung took part in the special K-Wave and Halal Show held in Kuala Lumpur. While there were plenty of memorable moments from the event like all of the selcas taken with President Moon Jae In and the first lady, there was one moment, in particular, that was beyond memorable.


As part of the festival, a giant bowl of bibimbap was mixed together by the special guests at the event, one of whom was Jaemin. As soon as the mixing process began, Jaemin’s giant spoon snapped.


And that’s when things went started to go south. Not only had fans captured the moment on their own cameras…


So too, had the news station cameras. While it still could have escaped the news, Jaemin’s luck just wasn’t working and a brief snippet of it made it into a news segment about the event.


Thanks to all the coverage, Jaemin and his spoon even trended worldwide!


Although it’s probably an embarrassing moment for Jaemin, NCTzens can’t help cracking up over the whole thing and they are unlikely to ever let Jaemin forget about his two most embarrassing moments.