NCT’s Jaemin And Jeno Pass A Friendship Test With Flying Colors

That’s what eight years of friendship looks like.

To celebrate their nearly nine years of friendship, NCT‘s Jeno and Jaemin proved how well they matched up with a chemistry test for their M2 Tingle Interview. Even before it began, they knew they’d knock it right out of the park.

Deciding between a filling for their bungeo-ppang, or carp bread, was a no-brainer for them. They both easily chose the former. “Custard cream.

The next choice increased the difficulty, making them choose between two things they enjoyed most: gaming for Jeno and coriander for Jaemin. Still, their chemistry couldn’t be broken.

They burst into laughter as they chose, “Becoming the master of all games.” Even though Jaemin loves coriander, he drew the line at eating all of it in the world. “That was a bit too much!

When it came to how they’d spend a day, there was only one option for the two: “One-day trip.” They both agreed that a “gaining weight in one day trip” wouldn’t work for either of them. “We know we can’t gain weight in one day.

Even when it came down to busting out the choreography to “Chewing Gum” or merely chewing real gum, both of them preferred to save their energy. “Chewing chewing gum.

They answered all the questions so perfectly that Jaemin and Jeno couldn’t hide their pride, “We’re perfect!

Jaemin credited it to them being on the same page, “We read each other’s mind.” Jeno agreed, “Telepathy.

Jeno and Jaemin’s long years of friendship definitely didn’t fail them. They know each other so well that they don’t even need to discuss it out loud. Check out these best friends showing everyone how it’s done here.