NCT’s Jaemin, NCT’s Jeno, And Super Junior’s Siwon Wore The Same Jacket But Served Different Vibes

They all look so handsome!

NCT‘s Jaemin and Jeno and Super Junior‘s Siwon are all super talented and super fashionable!

NCT’s Jaemin | @na.jaemin0813/Instagram

NCT’s Jeno | @nct/Instagram

Super Junior’s Siwon | @siwonchoi/Instagram

All three of these talented men recently rocked the same jacket from the Korean brand ITER. They wore the Face Wool Patch Varsity Jacket, which costs ₩155,000 KRW (about $129 USD).


Jaemin wore the jacket during dance practice for NCT U‘s “Universe (Let’s Play Ball).”

| NCT/YouTube

Jaemin wore the jacket over a white zip-up jacket, light grey sweatpants, and white sneakers. He finished his look off with a baseball cap.

| NCT/YouTube

Jaemin served major athletic vibes in this outfit! He looked like a baseball team member who was headed to early morning practice.

Jeno wore the same jacket in a video NCT DREAM filmed for the KPop.Flex festival in Germany.

Jeno’s lower body wasn’t visible in the video, but it looks like he wore the jacket over a black shirt and black pants.

| @kpop.flex_/Instagram

Jeno also looked athletic in his jacket, but he served slightly different vibes than Jaemin. While Jaemin looked ready to head to practice, Jeno looked like an athlete who put on their letterman jacket before hitting the town. Although they served different vibes, both Jaemin and Jeno definitely fit the “Universe (Let’s Play Ball)” aesthetic!

Jeno and Jaemin’s sunbae (industry senior) Siwon wore the same jacket as the NCT members in an Instagram post.Siwon only posted one photo of himself from behind, so his shirt was not visible. He wore the jacket with light grey sweatpants and brown boots. Siwon looked a bit like a pro athlete or coach who was running errands around town while repping his team.

| @siwonchoi/Instagram

Although Jeno, Jaemin, and Siwon all served slightly different vibes in their jackets, we think they all looked amazing!

Same Fit, Different Vibes