NCT Jaemin And Jeno’s Attempt At Boyfriend Photos Didn’t Quite Hit The Mark

Photographer Jaemin was a little too into it.

Before NCT Dream‘s Jeno and Jaemin focused their attention on eating during Battle Trip, they’d planned to do take boyfriend photos for fans. Unlike they thought, they were harder than they seemed.


When Jaemin started by taking one of Jeno, he had fun playing with angles. Jeno was unsure about it, but Jaemin reassured him he looked handsome.

But, the photos received a completely different response when revealed to everyone else. It made them question where the boyfriend photos were because those weren’t it. Jaemin said he thought he’d did well but even Jeno laughed at the awkward photos.

For the next set boyfriend photo, Jaemin set his camera to take continuous shots as he fed Jeno for the perfect one. As soon as Jeno heard the shutter sounds though, he was embarrassed at his methods.

When this one was revealed, it made everyone laugh more than the first one, even Jaemin and Jeno themselves. Since they’d taken so many, they became a gif when showed. And, Jeno was even more embarrassed than when he was taking them.

To make things fair, Jeno’s attempt at a boyfriend photo of Jaemin missed the mark for the same reasons as before. They were just photos of them eating, but it certainly gave everyone another laugh.

They ventured into the world of boyfriend photos just for NCTzens, and the process definitely gave fans entertainment. See them hilariously give it a hand here.