NCT’s Jaemin Once Revealed His Only Predebut Video Was A Commercial About The 1988 Seoul Olympics

He was only 8 years old!

NCT‘s Jaemin once revealed that the only footage of him prior to entering SM Entertainment was a commercial, and NCTzens were quick to find the video!

Jaemin is a member of the NCT sub-unit, NCT DREAM. | @NCTsmtown_DREAM/Twitter

In a livestream back in 2019, Jaemin and Jeno were speaking about past footage of them and whether they wanted to “erase” it all. Jeno had been in multiple commercials as a child. He said he doesn’t want to erase it, but it does “bother” him.

Jeno (left) and Jaemin (right). | KBS예능/VLIVE

On the other hand, Jaemin said there were “no videos of me from the past actually.” Other than one!


Jaemin did a commercial where he “rolled a hoop,” but his face wasn’t shown in it! All you could see of him was his back.


Fans quickly went to work and found the commercial! This 2008 commercial was about the 1988 Seoul Olympics, specifically a historic moment in the opening ceremony where a 7-year-old boy rolled a hoop across the field.

The famous “hoop boy” from the opening ceremony of the 1988 Seoul Olympics. | Olympics/YouTube 

Jaemin recreated that moment for the commercial! Depending on what time of year this was filmed, Jaemin would have been 7- or 8-years-old, similar to the original “hoop boy.”

Jaemin in the 2008 commercial. | 요잇❗/YouTube 

According to Jaemin, this is the only footage of him before joining SM Entertainment as a trainee. What a role to play in your first ever commercial!

| Olympics/YouTube
| 요잇❗/YouTube 

Check out the video of it below!

Source: VLIVE and YouTube