NCT Jaemin’s Aegyo Is So Over The Top That It Made Chenle Ready To Square Up

Chenle wanted it to be over as soon as it began.

NCT Dream‘s Jaemin has no shame in doing aegyo because it seems to be one of the things he enjoys most.


On the flip side, it seems to be the one thing his members enjoy seeing him do least.

When they sat down to react to it, it was far too much for them to take. Renjun bent over and pretended to gag, Chenle frowned his face in disgust, and Jeno turned away to make the loudest dry-heave ever.

It affected Chenle so much that he held his fists up and shook them as if he was angry and possibly debating using them to keep the cuteness at bay. But, Jaemin was so satisfied with himself that he simply smiled.

By the time they watched the second half of Jaemin’s clip, Chenle was so over it that he pretended to flip the table over.

They weren’t lying when they said they hated to watch each other do aegyo. Watch Chenle and everyone else lose it here.