NCT Jeno Is Looking Manlier Than Ever

He’s grown so much!

NCT‘s Jeno has been receiving attention for just how manly his appearance has been getting compared to his debut days.

During Jeno’s debut days in 2016, Jeno was still a high school student and he had the cute and innocent look that made him look like one.


He had the fresh charm that stirred up fans’ protective instinct.


This was even more so when he was an SM Rookie before his debut.


But a few years later, he has now turned into a handsome, sexy man.


He has completely lost all his baby fat and exudes a manly aurora about him.


While he still has the same sharp facial features, the loss of his baby fat has simply highlighted them even more.


Moreover, fans can’t help but turn their eyes towards his fit body as well.


Check out more photos of Jeno below:

Source: Dispatch