NCT’s Jisung Got His Flirt On With Fans During A Videocall Fansign And We Are Absolutely Envious

He’ll forever be a baby!

We all dream of that y/n moment at least once in our K-Pop fangirl (or boy!) lives. NCT‘s Jisung made a few fans scream with happiness during his last videocall fansign for Hot Sauce.

A lucky fan asked Jisung what he would do if her boyfriend doesn’t let her like him anymore, only to receive the most precious answer ever!

Wow… Um…. In that case, I will come and look for you!

— Jisung

Of course, that wasn’t the only y/n moment that Jisung gave out that day. According to a lucky fan on Weibo, the instant that she greeted Jisung, he had complimented her!

  • Fan: “Hello!”
  • Jisung: “Oh, you’re really pretty today!”
  • Fan: “Oh… You’re really handsome too!”
| @口袋对A_ /Weibo

As the cherry on top of the cake, he even wrote a sweet note to another fan that had specifically requested for him to write something about summer, that would make her feel as if they are together.

Rather than summer, it’s hotter because of you.

— Jisung

Just where is he getting all these lines? Even though he now knows how to flirt, Jisung will always be a baby in NCTzens’ eyes.