NCT’s Jisung Once Danced Alongside Wonder Girls At The 2011 Special Olympics In Athens

He was only 9 years old!

NCT‘s Jisung is known for his incredible dance skills; even as a trainee, Jisung impressed people with his musicality and talent!

Jisung for NCT DREAM’s album, Hello Future. | @NCTsmtown_DREAM/Twitter

The main dancer joined SM Entertainment when he was 10 years old, but before that he had already worked alongside a huge name in K-Pop: JYP Entertainment‘s Wonder Girls!

Wonder Girls performing in the opening ceremony of the 2011 Special Olympics.

Wonder Girls performed at the 2011 Special Olympics World Summer Games in Athens, Greece. They represented South Korea and sang the folk song “Arirang” as well as their hit songs “Nobody” and “Tell Me.”

But on the stage with them was 9-year-old Jisung and his dance crew, Nam Hyun-joon and Kids!

Nam Hyun Joon (green hat) and Jisung (bottom).

Jisung showed off his popping and B-boy skills in front of a crowd of thousands.

He could even be seen rehearsing for the performance in Wonder Girls’ “Wonder Girls in Greece!” vlog.

Jisung (multi-colored shirt) seen in Wonder Girls’ vlog. | wondergirls/YouTube

And now fast forward ten years later, and NCT DREAM‘s song “Hot Sauce” played in the arena during the Tokyo 2020 Olympics!

‘Hot Sauce’ playing after South Korean team scores during women’s volleyball 🎶
Pick as you like ma’ dish 🎶
GOooooOOOO women’s volleyball

— Twitter user

| @xiaoyan_nct/Twitter

NCTzens couldn’t be more proud of Jisung, and can’t believe how far the idol has come!

Source: Arirang TV, Wonder Girls, NCT DREAM and Featured Image