NCT’s Johnny Opens Up About What He Would Be Doing If He Weren’t An Idol

After naming a few alternative career paths, he came to one conclusion.

NCT‘s Johnny recently returned with another episode of his YouTube series, Johnny’s Communication Center, and this time special guest, two-time Olympic gold medalist snowboarder Chloe Kim, joined him

As the two talented stars explored Venice Beach, California, for the day, Johnny opened up about his interests and what he thinks he would be doing if he had never debuted.

Chloe Kim (left) and NCT’s Johnny (right) | @johnnyjsuh/Instagram

Johnny met Chloe Kim a year ago at the 2022 Met Gala, and after realizing they had mutual friends in Brooklyn-based designer Peter Do and soloist Eric Nam, they became fast friends themselves.

After the 2022 Met Gala, the two showed their adorable dynamic in a friendly exchange on Instagram when Chloe complimented Johnny’s snowboarding skills.

Since then, fans have hoped the two would reunite for an episode of Johnny’s Communication Center.

| @johnnyjsuh/Instagram

Luckily, fans’ wishes came true as Johnny and Chloe Kim reunited in Venice Beach and went skateboarding before grabbing Ben & Jerry’s ice cream.

While sitting with the ice cream, Chloe asked Johnny what he would be if he didn’t have his current career, and the talented idol had a few careers in mind.

Acting has been my dream since, like, second grade… but then I sometimes wanted to be like a vet, you know, like that one time everybody’s kids’ dream is to be a vet?

— NCT’s Johnny

He paused before adding one more pre-debut dream career: becoming an architect. Chloe pointed out how versatile the NCT member is, to which he responded that he doesn’t often get nervous.

When Chloe suggested that he may enjoy living in a mellow place like Venice Beach, Johnny shared that he prefers fast-paced environments, though he prefers a slow pace for himself.

I like the stress. Like, it’s kind of weird. I like being slow, but everything around me should be fast.

— NCT’s Johnny

The two concluded that Johnny really just wanted to be the “main character” because he was “an anomaly in [his] life.

NCTzens don’t have to worry about him switching careers, though. Earlier in their outing, Johnny revealed he would never retire from singing.

Check out their fun conversation in the video below!