NCT’s Johnny And Jaehyun Got Hilariously Up Close And Personal While Tailoring Their Own Suits

Besties who tailor suits together stay together.

In the most recent episode of Johnny’s Communication Center, NCT‘s Johnny and Jaehyun gave tailoring their own suits a shot…and it resulted in them getting unexpectedly up close and personal, leading to some rather amusing moments.

Before getting started, Jaehyun revealed that making his own suit had always been on his bucket list. Johnny admitted that he had actually made his own suit before…for his prom. But Johnny did not dwell on the subject, instead moving on suspiciously fast.

| NCT/YouTube 

The boys began by talking with the expert tailor about what they wanted, who helped them choose the color and style of their suits. When he warned them that folding the hem of the suit could make them look shorter, Johnny hilariously told the tailor that that wouldn’t be an issue.

When it came to picking out the fabric for their custom-made shirts, they showed their expensive taste by immediately picking out silk and cashmere…

And since they ended up picking many of the same things, Johnny hilariously suggested they just think of themselves as getting matching suits.

For some reason, the fact that they had such similar tastes seem to really amuse them…

But that was the least of it. Soon they were both doing their best to not giggle too much when the tailor told them to touch the part of the chest that bulges the most.

And they had a bit of a moment when Johnny attempted to take the measurements for Jaehyun’s pants…

…but they soon successfully wrapped up the measuring (even receiving compliments on their skills), and got to try on a sample of their suit designs.

After spending some time admiring themselves…

…they gave a (not so clear) look at the full designs.

And satisfied with the results, the boys signed off—but not before Jaehyun cheekily stole Johnny’s ‘JOH-fam.’

Johnny’s Communication Center always takes the NCT members and NCTzens on fun adventures, and Jaehyun was arguably the perfect member to go on a suit-designing challenge with Johnny! You can watch the full episode on the link below.