NCT’s Johnny And Mark Go To Yoga And Have The Time Of Their Lives Being Spidermen

They were also vampires too.

During NCT Johnny‘s on-going YouTube series, and NCTzens’ favorite, Johnny’s Communication Center, he and fellow teammate Mark went to try out a class of aerial – or flying – yoga. While yoga is often thought to be a calming exercise, Johnny and Mark had the time of their lives getting flexible!


Johnny and Mark first shared what “flying yoga” is. According to the internet, which Johnny based off his explanation, it is “a type of modern yoga developed in 2014” and it combines “traditional yoga, pilates, and dance with the use of a hammock”.


The two yogis decided to jump right in their hammocks and get down to some stretchy business! Mark was initially scared the hammock would fall off or rip with his weight, but the instructor reassured both Johnny and Mark that they’ll be fine. From the start of the class, Johnny decided to get cheeky…

Instructor: It can hold up to 2,000 pounds, so don’t worry.
Johnny: Phew, that was close. Had I been 10 pounds heavier…


The lesson continued, while Johnny and Mark completely enjoyed the new and thrilling experience. While neither have ever gotten flying yoga training before, their superb athleticism helped make the movements slightly easier on them.

I feel like a monkey…!

— Mark


Once the two got a hang of how to work the hammock, they tried more advanced poses – like the Spiderman pose, which they absolutely loved:


And the vampier pose too.


The two soon became entirely captivated by the charm that is flying yoga and was super serious throughout the class. In doing so, NCTzens were blessed with Mark and Johnny’s visuals – and their sexy muscles hard at work!


This particular episode of Johnny’s Communication Center was extra soothing for NCTzens to watch – not only because it involved the calming effects of yoga and watching the boys float mid-air in hammocks – but also because it showed Mark and Johnny being themselves and making the most of everything they do.


Watch the full clip here (see if you can count how many times Johnny says “Wow” or “Whoa”):