NCT Johnny’s “Secret” To Taking The Perfect “Boyfriend Material” Photos

“Esquire Korea” asks him about his “famous boyfriend material” vibe.

NCT 127 will be making their highly anticipated comeback on October 6 with their fifth album, Fact Check.

Ahead of the album release, member Johnny was featured in the October 2023 E-issue of Esquire Korea, shooting for the magazine cover as well as a pictorial.

NCT 127’s Johnny | Esquire Korea

Along with his feature in the E-issue, Johnny sat down for a fun video interview, where he answered questions about NCT 127’s promotions, answered “this or that” prompts, discussed his fashion obsessions, and more.

Johnny even addressed some fan comments and his reputation for being a “meme king” and taking the perfect “boyfriend material” photos.

| Esquire Korea

One fan pointed out Johnny’s tendency to unintentionally become “perfect meme material” in “snapshots from any video” thanks to his “varied expressions.

Johnny took his “perfect meme material” nickname in stride, saying he guesses he “can’t help it” while hoping NCTzens continue to find it funny.

Johnny was also asked about his “famous boyfriend material” photos and if he had any secret to perfecting the casual and approachable look besides being naturally photogenic.

| @johnnyjsuh/Instagram
| @johnnyjsuh/Instagram
| @johnnyjsuh/Instagram

Johnny revealed that there was a secret to the “boyfriend material photos.” The NCT 127 member hilariously admitted that the “secret” was that rather than ask his manager to take the photos, he asked staff members instead.

Fans agree he nails the “boyfriend material” vibe!

Check out examples of his famous “boyfriend material” photos in the article below:

These 30+ Photos Prove That NCT 127’s Johnny Has Perfectly Nailed The Boyfriend Material Vibe

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