NCT Johnny’s ‘Thank You’ Speech To His Parents Went Viral After NCT 127 Won Their First Grand Prize

It says a lot about how humble he is!

NCT 127 won their first grand prize at this weekend’s Seoul Music Awards and it was nothing short of heartwarming. None of the members seemed to have expected to win the biggest award of the night, so they were all equally stunned when they did.

But while many of the members got emotional as they went onstage to receive their award, Johnny‘s ‘thank you’ speech went viral due to the adorable and hilarious way he thanked his parents. When he was handed the microphone, he began his speech with an enthusiastic, “Mama, we made it!

Of course, Johnny also thanked NCTzens, but it was the way he thanked his parents that made him trend on Twitter after the event.


It was so funny and so lovable that neither the fans…

… nor the members seemed to get enough of it, as evidenced by the way they teased him about it on the group’s Instagram live after the event.

After his “Mama, we made it!” Johnny went on to give an extremely touching and heartfelt thank you to his and the other members’ parents, making sure to really let them know just what their support meant to him and all the members.


I really want to thank all of our parents. They’re the reason we were actually able to make it all the way over here. They are the start of everything and they’re the people who support us. They still support us and I just really hope that my parents and our parents really know just how much we appreciate them. And of course, thank you to our fans and NCTzens. You guys have no idea—I mean, you guys probably do have a little bit of an idea, but we worked really hard and I’m just really happy to see my members happy. And I know you guys who are watching are happy as well. Happy 2022, thank you!

— Johnny

Johnny’s genuine feelings and the way he is so mindful of what the members’ parents mean to NCT 127’s success has garnered him a lot of support from fans, who really appreciated this thoughtfulness. One fan even pointed out how much Johnny’s speech probably meant to his mom by bringing up an adorable older video of ‘Mama Suh’ at a past NCT 127 concert.

All of the members of NCT 127 had the most heartwarming things to say that really show how they never took a grand prize for granted. Johnny’s genuine comments prove they are a humble group who worked really hard to get to where they are. Congratulations, NCT 127!