NCT’s Johnny Takes On A Pole-Dancing Challenge — And The Result Is As Great As We Imagined

The (pole) dancing king.

NCT Johnny‘s long-running YouTube series, Johnny’s Communication Center, has been a source of much entertainment for NCTzens for a long time now. Each episode sees Johnny trying new adventurous activities, often accompanied by another member. Last year, for example, he went to a beer brewery with Taeil, as well as to a nail parlor with Yuta. But the latest episode saw him try something a little bit harder…pole-dancing.

Naturally, Johnny started the session with some mild apprehension. And for good reason! He quickly ran into a hilarious difficulty…

| NCT/YouTube

Though the teacher did seem to be impressed with him from the beginning, despite his struggles!

But under her instructions he was soon able to complete a mini routine!

And though it took many tries to master harder moves, he was soon able to do those too.

He did remain skeptical about some of the more difficult level ones, but he still did his best.

And when it came time to try an even higher level move…

…Johnny had to be reassured that most people weren’t able to do something like that on their first day. And yet he still gave it his best attempt! He even managed to do it…mostly.

The session ended with some not-so-relaxing stretches, but Johnny still said he had a surprisingly good time, despite all the struggle. He did, however, hilariously admit that he was forced to do things he couldn’t do before.

If there is one thing that fans can always expect from Johnny’s Communication Center, it’s novelty. And, of course, plenty of good humor! Johnny always tackles each challenge with the best attitude—and the results from his latest venture speak for themselves. Johnny Suh, everybody!

You can watch the full episode below.