Fans Freaked Out When They Thought NCT’s Jungwoo Had Gotten Tattoos But It Turned Out To Be Something Else

He’d look hot with them.

NCT‘s Jungwoo is known for his pure and lovable image and was even nicknamed Obokie by fans, after his puppy. He has been sweeping fans since his debut with his fresh and innocent visuals, but a series of photos recently have taken fans by storm.

The photos were taken during filming for some upcoming video contents for NCT 127. It seems like the boys participated in outdoor activities. However, Jungwoo’s arms drew attention as fans wondered if he had gotten tattoos.

The position and design sure looked like real tattoos!

In a surprise twist, these “tattoos” were simply black mud. The fansite master behind the photos testified that the marks on his arm were from tussling with nature, rather than having gotten inked up. Looks like fans got excited over a small misunderstanding!

Understandable, given how smoking hot he looks with the “tattoos”. In other news, NCT 127 is slated for a comeback in September 2021.


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