NCT’s Lucas Always Dreamed Of Joining NCT Dream, And He Finally Found His One Chance

NCT’s Lucas only ever wanted debut with NCT Dream, but he just didn’t fit the bill… that is until this one lightening of a chance hit!

Lucas has alwayrs dreamed of becoming a NCT Dream member ever since he was a trainee.


He even practiced being cute in front of his hyungs in hopes for a chance at debuting with NCT Dream.

NCT Dream’s in charge of the young and youthful image of NCT.


But according to Yuta, he would never be able to join because he doesn’t fit the image well.


Even after debuting as a member of NCT U, he still held onto his NCT Dream…dream in his heart.

“Yesterday, Kun did a V App with Dream…cooking? Making hodduk? But why Kun? Not me? Me want to do Dream!” — Lucas


And finally, Lucas got the chance of a lifetime when the members of NCT 127 couldn’t attend SM TOWN’s concert in Dubai because of their Japanese showcase.

Hint: Mark is a member of both NCT 127 and NCT Dream.


Lucas was given the task to fill in for Mark’s part during NCT Dream’s performance!


Lucas was heard rapping Mark‘s part for “Go”.


And stood on stage as a (temporary) member of NCT Dream in front of thousands of fans!


Dreams really do come true if you wish and work hard enough!


Listen and enjoy Lucas’s once in a lifetime performance with the members of NCT Dream!