NCT’s Lucas Once Distracted Everyone, Even Himself, With His Outstanding Visuals

No one can resist him…not even Lucas himself!

Everyone can agree that NCT is a group full of visuals. Every single member is outstanding in both the talents and looks departments, but there’s one member who is so confident in his looks he’s proven to be a distraction to everyone, even himself!


In September, Lucas appeared on Happy Together 3. While it promised to be a great episode full of funny moments with the idol, it soon turned into something else entirely.


As the show progressed, it soon became apparent that everyone was smitten with Lucas. And it’s not hard to believe since he was being his normal charming self!


But it wasn’t just his charms that were making the hosts and other guests fall under his spell, it was his handsomeness.


Park Eun Hye had a particularly hard time taking her eyes off of him.


Which the other male hosts were quick to tease her about!


But they had a hard time not being in awe of his visuals either.


And even when Park Eun Hye said she thought Lucas was the prettiest guest there, Cosmic Girls Bona didn’t seem offended in the least.


In fact, when Lucas showed off how confident he is in his looks…


Bona admitted she thought he was really cool!


And confident he was. On the show, he even admitted that not only does he believe he’s the most handsome NCT member, he’s also the most handsome in all of SM Entertainment!


Talk about some killer confidence. Although with visuals that amazing and an equally charming personality, it’s hard to argue with Lucas.

Especially since he’s admitted even he gets distracted by his good-looks too!


To see more of his outstanding charisma and ridiculously good looks, check out the Happy Together clip here.