NCT Has So Many Members Even Renjun Admits To Not Knowing Them All

NCTzens aren’t the only ones who get confused.

When NCT Dream‘s Renjun ran into NCT 127‘s Doyoung, he confessed something that was all too relatable.

Since NCT currently has twenty-one members between units NCT Dream, NCT 127, and WayV, it’s a lot even for them to handle. Doyoung expressed that their size makes it hard for them to connect.

Even though we are in the same group, there are so many members. So, it’s hard to get to know everyone.

He even used an analogy of NCT as classmates. Renjun laughed at this because he thought it was the perfect way to explain it.

You know, there are people you feel awkward with among your classmates?

That’s when Renjun used the analogy to say that he didn’t know some NCT members and seemingly tried to backtrack by instead saying he didn’t know some of their names.

I don’t even know some classmates. I don’t know the names of some classmates.

Renjun stated that it naturally happens when there are so many people. Doyoung even reassured him by saying not to worry about it.

Every NCTzen has gone through the struggling of finding out all of NCT’s members. They’re not alone because NCT hilariously don’t even know themselves. Watch Renjun and Doyoung bond over it at 7:03.