NCT Mark’s Attempt At Flirting Had Everyone Laughing But Also Scratching Their Heads

They didn’t know what they were seeing but knew it was funny.

In a video for Glamour, every member of NCT 127 took turns acting out nineteen different emotions, putting their own unique twists on them.


When it came to being flirty, Mark took the cake for his hilariously awkward attempt that made fans love him even more.

As soon as the camera was rolling, Mark already prepared a facial expression. With a stare and close-mouthed smile, he thought he was the ultimate flirt. Johnny didn’t pass up the chance to sarcastically say, “You’re so flirty,” making everyone start chuckling.

Since no one seemed to understand what he was trying to convey, Mark was ready to move onto the next emotion, using his hand to gesture the same. Instead, the producer offered him another chance to show everyone how flirty he truly is.

Mark gave it one more shot, making the same exact facial expression. It made everyone laugh louder than before. By this point, the producer even gave him a tip, reminding him that he could say a phrase as well. After the second attempt, Mark finally explained what he had been trying to do.

His way of being flirty wasn’t just smiling and staring. The whole time, Mark was actually doing an eyebrow raise to tap into his flirty side, “Nah, it was the eyebrow.” By then, even he couldn’t help but laugh at his failed attempts.

Although flirting doesn’t seem to be one of Mark’s strong suits, his attempts made everyone from the producer to fans crack up. Who needs someone flirty when you have someone funny? Watch Mark try his best to show off his amusing flirting skills.