NCT’s Mark Reveals How He Followed His Brother To Audition For SM Entertainment

Only one of the two Lee brothers successfully passed!

Recently, SM Entertainment’s Lee Soo Man held an online event titled, SM CONGRESS 2021, and revealed the upcoming plans for the last half of the year.

After revealing the advertisement for NCT Hollywood, Lee Soo Man asked each of the members present at the event about their audition process. NCT’s Mark shared about how he successfully auditioned for SM Entertainment at a global audition in Vancouver and successfully was accepted. Lee Soo Man then recalled hearing that Mark had gone to the auditions with his brother.

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Surprised that he remembered, Mark confirmed the story. He explained that both he initially had followed his brother to the audition and ending up auditioning too.

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They were the last ones to audition that day but the trainers only saw potential in one of the two. The trainer said that while Mark’s brother was talented, he lacked a passion that was needed.

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Of course, now we were all curious what Mark’s brother was currently up to, now knowing he had auditioned to be a trainee as well. Mark revealed, “He is passionately… attending college.” 

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Watch a clip of Mark’s story during SM CONGRESS 2021 below:

Check out the full SM CONGRESS 2021 below:

Source: SMTOWN