NCT’s Mark Can’t Get His Hands To Work And The Whole Internet Is Laughing At Him

Oh, dear Mark…

On a recent episode of Inkigayo Waiting Room Check-in LIVE, NCT127 members played a game of speedy reflexes. The rule was simple; two members would play rock, paper, scissors and the winner got to hit the loser on the head with a squeaky hammer toy – that is, if the loser failed to cover up his head with a metal pot in time.


Taeyong and Mark went up against each other for a few rounds. Mark kept losing the rock, paper, scissors part – which meant he needed to use his fast reflexes to grab the pot and put over his head. But Mark seemingly forgot how to coordinate his eyes and hands and kept getting bonked on the head!


On the first round, Mark successfully picked up the pot but ended up putting it over his head in the wrong way. In the process, he even smashed the pot on his head – which, all in all, may have hurt more than the squeaky hammer.


After a couple tied rounds, Mark lost another round and had to act quick before Taeyong could get to his head. Unfortunately, Mark had a severe case of butterfingers and the pot slipped away from his hand! The pot, flung mid-air, ended up falling on Mark’s head and made a loud clanking sound against his skull.


Mark and his fellow NCT127 members couldn’t help but crack up over how miserably he kept failing. He was getting played so hard by the metal pot and the members were having too much fun watching Mark struggle!


Mark continued to use the pot incorrectly – before finally getting hit by Taeyong’s hammer shot and losing the game. After watching this chaotic game of reflexes, NCTzens are now actively convinced Mark has no idea how the game works – or the pot, or moreover – how his hands work!


Watch the full clip below, starting at 15:00: