NCT Mark’s Childhood Friend Reveals What He Was Like In Middle School

His friend spilled all the tea about his personality.

Ever since Mark left for Korea when he was very young, joining SM Rookies while he was in eighth grade and later debuting in NCT, he couldn’t seem to keep in contact with the friends he once had.

Funnily enough, one of them recently revealed what kind of person Mark used to be when he’d known him in middle school.

Of all places, a fan encountered Mark’s male friend through a dating app, where they somehow started a conversation about NCT. The friend admitted to being close to Mark, providing a photo of both of them as children. He then spilled all the tea about Mark as a youngin’.

The friend summed up Mark as “the chillest,” particularly kind, helpful, super friendly, and “a ladies’ man [that] didn’t try to get any girl.” You may make of the last quote what you will. He also shared a couple of moments that showed Mark’s personality.

One time when the friend didn’t have anything to eat and had forgotten his lunch money, Mark was right there to come to the rescue. He couldn’t leave him be. Mark handed over the chips he’d been eating, just so his friend could eat too.

The friend also noted Mark’s desire to include everyone. Whenever he was doing something, he made sure to ask anyone else if they wanted to join him, making sure no one felt left out. His friend couldn’t help but praise him as “so inclusive.”

Mark was so willing to help his friends that he’d even let them copy his homework. The friend also pointed out how positive he was, “never [talking] sh*t” about anyone or anything.

The sweet and kind image Mark has an idol appears to be the real person found behind the scenes. Check out the thread about Mark as a child here.