NCT’s Mark Has The Cutest Response To Red Velvet Yeri’s Instagram Story

We love this type of energy!

Red Velvet’s Yeri and NCT’s Mark exuded major sibling energy through their most recent Instagram stories. Yeri posted a screenshot of Mark’s new song, “Child” and showed support for his music.

Mark this is cool you’re all grown up…

⁠— Yeri

To this, Mark responded with a message on his Instagram…

I was always taller than you.

⁠— Mark

Fans found their interaction to be cute as Yeri used to tease Mark that he was short when they were trainees. Although both were born in 1999, Yeri joined SM Entertainment before Mark.

Yeri: Mark’s height was up to my hip when he first came to SM.

Mark: If I came to your hip then that’s almost the height of a dog…


Below is a photo of Mark when he first joined SM in 2012…

…and this is Mark’s first public photo released in 2013!

Netizens also found their bickering to be cute and funny!

  • “They are both so cute!”
  • “Why does Yuri feel like she is so much older? They are both so cute!”
  • “Why does this make my heart flutter?”

Check out Mark’s new track below!

Source: theqoo