NCT’s Mark Is So Good At Dancing That He Even Helped The Group’s Choreographer

What can’t he do?

NCT regularly comes out with impressive dances. One of their choreographers recently praised Mark for helping make that possible.

NCT’s Mark | @onyourm__ark/Instagram

In a recent video with STEEZY, an online learning platform for dance, dancer Jinwoo Yoon sat down with Clay Boonthanakit, the company’s Director of Video, to talk about his choreography.

Clay Boonthanakit (left) Jinwoo Yoon and (right) | STEEZY/YouTube

Jinwoo Yoon co-choreographed NCT 127‘s “Punch” with Quick Style (also known as Quick Crew), Rie Hata, and Keone Madrid. He’s also choreographed other pieces for the group.

| 채널 NCT DANCE/YouTube

When talking about “Punch,” Jinwoo Yoon revealed that Mark had helped come up with some of the choreography.

| STEEZY/YouTube

He’s good at choreographing. He knows his own vibe well, and he’s just good at dancing.

Jinwoo Yoon also explained that if he were to do a move, Mark would come up with his own way of doing it.

| STEEZY/YouTube

So when he makes choreography if I were to do a move like this, Mark would make it his own and go like this. I would tell him ‘Oh, that fits better’ ‘Do you want to try it like that?’ That’s how we came up with it.

In addition to group choreography, Mark contacted Jinwoo Yoon to train together. Last year, Jinwoo posted a video of him and Mark dancing to a piece he had choreographed to “Dior” by Pop Smoke.

Jinwoo Yoon shared that Mark learned the dance extremely fast.

This wasn’t a style that he was familiar with so I thought it was amazing how he learned it so quickly.

— Jinwoo Yoon

Fans are already aware of Mark’s work ethic and talent, so it’s no surprise that he’s receiving praise. Hopefully, we’ll be able to see more of choreographer Mark in the future!

Source: YouTube