NCT’s Mark Had So Many Stages At DMCF, Fans Are Wondering How He Survived

He must have been exhausted after being on stage so many times.

Every year, MBC‘s DMC Festival (DMCF) seems to grow larger, with more names in K-Pop gracing the stage in five different concerts held over several days.


This year, NCT performed as part of the Korean Wave Music concert on September 8.


And one member, Mark, had 20 stages, since he is part of NCT U, NCT Dream and NCT 127!


Mark had 3 rehearsals per stage and performed 5 songs with NCT during the concert.


First, Mark performed EXO’s “Growl” cover with NCT Dream.


Then, after changing clothes, NCT Dream sang their title song “We Go Up.”


Mark then changed his stage outfit again to perform NCT U‘s “Boss”.


And again for NCT 127‘s “Touch”!


Finally, Mark joined all 18 members to perform “Black on Black”.


He was even seen on his way to the airport after the show diligently practising his rap!


Fans are shocked by the number of times Mark was on stage and how tiring it must have been but how energetic he seemed.

  • “20 times… are they crazy?… is he not tired?… this is crazy”
  • “Crazy, how does Mark’s body not break down? 20 times ㄷㄷㄷㄷ…. Isn’t NCT known for their intense dances? ㅠ Mark is seriously living the hard working life. Anyways, I’ll always support NCT!!”
  • “Our Mark never showed to us fans that he was tired…I’m thankful towards my bias every timeㅠㅠ even his heart is pretty… I hope that SM lets Mark rest for a bit…ㅠㅠ
  • “I watched a video on YouTube titled ‘Mark cannot help but succeed’ and was so surprised by the fact that he was always seen practicing.”
  • “Mark is beyond the definition of hardworking. Not only does he fly from all over the world to attend both Dream and 127 schedules but he’s also an MC for Music Core every week. He never complains about his schedule or being tired. I know that many people want him to rest but Mark is so passionate and driven that he wants to seize the opportunity while he can. He inspires me a lot.”


Check out NCT perform “Black on Black” for Mark’s final stage at the DMCF:

Source: Pann Nate