NCT Mark’s Fanboy Members Competed To Become His “Soulmate”

Status? “It’s complicated.”

NCT 127 loves Mark just as much as NCTzens do, so it’s no surprise that the members were willing to compete for the title of “Mark’s soulmate”.


It all started during a Q&A session on Idol Room. The hosts revealed that two NCT 127 members claimed to be Mark’s partner, but there could only be one.


Mark’s first guess was Jaehyun


…but then he suddenly remembered a second candidate: Jungwoo.


This is because Jungwoo had changed his name in Mark’s phone contacts to “my partner Zeus”.


It turns out, Mark’s guesses were correct! Jaehyun and Jungwoo both claimed to be his partner.


Next, the hosts asked Jungwoo when he had first started to fall for Mark’s charms. Jungwoo’s cheesey response made Mark burst out laughing. Apparently, it was love at first sight!


When asked the same question, Jaehyun said that he and Mark had connected through their shared interests.


They would often end up singing the same song at the same time, as if they had telepathy.


The hosts playfully stirred up some drama by suggesting that Jungwoo had stolen Mark away from Jaehyun!


Just as the hosts were about to choose Mark’s real partner, things got complicated.


Taeyong revealed that this NCT love triangle is actually a love square…


…because Doyoung loves Mark too!


According to Taeyoung, Doyoung is such a Mark fanboy that he has a poster of Mark in his room.

Doyoung explained that the poster of Mark came with the NCT album he purchased, but the explanation made no difference. This ship was already sailing!


When asked about Mark’s charms, Jaehyun said he likes Mark’s energy, and Jungwoo likes…Mark. Just Mark.


To decide Mark’s soulmate, once and for all, Mark’s admirers took part in a hand-holding, mandarine-peeling contest.


Jungwoo won the contest with the fastest peeling time, but the competition for Mark’s heart wasn’t over yet.


Round 2 was a telepathy game, where Jungwoo, Doyoung, and Jaehyun had to answer questions about Mark. Jaehyun ultimately won this game and was chosen by Mark as his official NCT soulmate for 2018!


Luckily for Jungwoo and Doyoung, there’s always next year!


To find out what else this episode has in store, watch the preview below.