NCT’s Mark Proved How Talented He Is By Not Only Talking In His Sleep But Rapping Too

He does it in Konglish!

We all have our own unique sleeping habits. So, it’s no surprise that our favorite idols would as well! But some are even more special than others.

NCT‘s Mark has been said to “talk in his sleep” for years. NCT 127 guested on the KBS radio show Park Ji Yoon’s Music Plaza when the members were just rookies. When talking about their dorm life, they revealed that Mark talks in his sleep, much to his own surprise.

NCT 127 on “Park Ji Yoon’s Music Plaza.”

Yuta added that Mark also raps while sleeping! He works so hard that he can’t even fully rest during sleep. Jaehyun and Yuta explained that he would say various things in both English and Korean.

Mark falls asleep really fast. He sleeps as soon as he lies down.

— Jaehyun

It’s been five years, and it turns out Mark still talks in his sleep, and Yuta won’t let him forget it! On the newest episode of InterFM897‘s YUTA at Home, Yuta said that he himself doesn’t talk in his sleep, but Mark sure does.

NCT’s Mark | dreamcity-rawr/Tumblr

He isn’t quite sure of all Mark says since it’s primarily in English. But he teasingly suggested that Mark is probably talking about how much he loves Yuta!

It was in English, so I’m not sure, but maybe, probably, I think he said ‘I love Yuta.’

— Yuta

“NCT 127 BKLYN BOYS #4” | 채널 NCT DAILY/YouTube

We know Mark does love Yuta, so his guess might not be wrong!

Yuta hugging Mark.

Read more about Mark’s unusual sleeping habits below:

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