NCT’s Mark Tried To Charm His Way Into A Home By Using Red Velvet’s Name But The Landlord Wasn’t Having It

“I’m Red Velvet’s little brother”.

On an episode of Let’s Eat Dinner Together, NCT‘s Mark got himself into a bit of a sticky situation while trying to connect with residents in Seoul’s affluent neighborhood of Daechi-dong. It seems that none of the residents want to give him the time of day!

When ringing the doorbell he’s given an apathetic response when he asks if the homeowner knows NCT.

Why are you asking me that?”

— Owner

When talking to someone in another apartment, after introducing himself as NCT’s Mark, the homeowner simply said “I’m only interested in girl groups, so…” Mark then tried to win the guy over by mentioning that he’s Red Velvet‘s little brother, but that didn’t matter much to the resident.

But you’re not Red Velvet, right?”

— Owner

Mark’s attempts at wooing the resident with his closeness to his SM Entertainment older sisters Red Velvet unfortunately did not work!