NCT’s Mark Tried To Clown Renjun’s Height, But He Stood Up To Him—Literally

Why throw hands when you can be clever like Renjun?

While NCT were on stage and in front of fans, Renjun wanted to give them a little attention.


In the process, he was interrupted by Mark, who attempted to tease him about his height. Renjun wasn’t having it, though.

Renjun focused on interacting with NCTzens. While standing behind Doyoung and Mark, he made sure to be seen by waving his hand. Even though Mark doesn’t have eyes behind his head, he somehow noticed.

He turned around, looking behind him. Since Renjun is shorter than him, he teased him by looking around as if he couldn’t see him at all. As Renjun stared right at him, he came up with the perfect way to get his attention.

He braced a hand on Mark’s shoulder and stood on his tiptoes, forcing him to meet his eyes. The effort made him and Mark crack a smile. The cutest part was how Renjun then had to lower himself back down afterward.

Renjun and Mark are always messing with each other. The funniest part is how they handle it.


See Renjun use his cleverness to get back at Mark’s teasing.