NCT Mark’s Hair Is Damaged Beyond Repair After Endless Style Changes

NCT Mark has dyed his hair too many times to count this year and fans are very worried. 

mark's hair

If you look at the picture above, you can tell Mark’s hair is becoming more and more fried. Fans started to call is “Ramyun hair.” However, Mark’s hair has truly become too brittle. It seems as though it’ll crumble into little bits with the slightest touch.

Check out these pictures of Mark during MAMA 2016:




If it looks this bad on camera, imagine how much worse it is in real life! When Mark attends school, he never forgets to wear a hat. This is most likely because he too is embarrassed about his hair.

Coloring his hair isn’t the only thing Mark did to himself. He also lost a large amount of weight in the past 8 months and it is frightening his fans to see the difference.

mark weight loss

Fans are hoping that SM stops abusing Mark’s hair like it’s some experiment. He looks like Albert Einstein for crying out loud!

However, on the bright side, Mark still looks good even with that hairstyle!

Source: Instiz