NCT Members Discuss Their Achievements Of 2020 And Plans For 2021

2021 is possibly bringing even more members!

Recently, NCT’s Jeno, JaeminSungchan, Doyoung, Kun, and Mark sat down with Star News to talk about their 2020 and what they are planning in 2021.

First, the boys discussed their 2020 AAA award and 4 crowns.

Mark: It’s an award that every singer dreams of, and it was a great honor. Of course, I was grateful to the fans.

Doyoung: From my debut, I imagined winning a big award a lot, but when I received it, it felt sudden. It would have been more meaningful if I received it in a place with fellow singers and fans. I wish I could share my gratitude with the fans more.

When asked about their thoughts after all of the years since debut, Jeno responded, “Rather than remembering the hardships, when I received the award with all 23 members of NCT together, I was reassured and proud of the idea that we have grown so much. It was nice to be able to feel this joy with 23 people.

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They also briefly discussed album sales and the pressure they felt in the beginning when seeing their hyungs, EXO, so successful. Jeno didn’t even think that they would become million-sellers this fast.

Jaemin shared that he thought the NCT 127, NCT DREAM, and NCT U promotions for 2020 had gone well. He said that the most memorable part was NCT’s promotions for “RESONANCE” with the 23 members. “We were able to show many different versions of ourselves as various units.

They then began to talk about how they had grown and worked as a team.

Kun: I felt like all of the members improved their skills while promoting, and it was an honor to participate in such a good project.

Sungchan: Since debuting as a member this year, I learned a lot from the older members. I’m getting to know them little by little as I watch.

Jeno: It would be hard to say who is better or worse regarding teamwork, but our synergy grows strong the more we are together. Now it feels a little awkward with fewer members.

Doyoung: It’s not easy to keep showing something fresh to the public, but we keep it up because of the members with unique styles that keep joining. I think because of that freshness, NCT has become a million-seller and keeps building.

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Moving on to plans for 2021, Mark revealed, “You can look forward to each unit releasing an album this year. I also think that there might be various other combinations too.”

Each member shared their individual and group goals for the new year.

Mark: World peace.

Jaemin: More chances for us to meet with fans in person.

Doyoung: Receiving awards and selling a lot of albums are great, but to be honest, we really want to see fans soon. I used to dream of being on stage at the Grammys or Billboard award ceremony, but now I want to go to whatever stage where fans are.

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Sungchan ended the interview by teasing fans of an upcoming unit. “In 2021, a new unit will come out together with all of NCT’s teams, so please look forward to it. I love you. Thank you.

Fans have been speculating various units such as NCT Vocal, NCT Japan, NCT Thailand, NCT Hollywood, and even NCT Africa. NCT Japan seems the most likely with Sungchan learning Japanese, Ten‘s knowledge of Japanese, and the Japanese members Shotaro and Yuta.

Regardless, fans are almost certain that Mark will be a part of it.

Source: Naver 1, Daum and Naver 2