NCT No More — Where Are The SM Rookies Now?

Many believed they would debut as NCT members

A few days ago, SM Entertainment announced that Shotaro and Sungchan would no longer be part of NCT. Since their debut with the group as part of the NCT 2020 Resonance album, fans patiently waited for news on the group joining a fixed unit.

Sungchan and Shotaro | SM Entertainment

Included in the announcement was that the former NCT members would instead make their debut as part of the new boy group alongside SM Rookies members.

This announcement also surprised fans as the SM Rookies were believed to be part of the next line-up of NCT members since their introduction in July 2022.

(left to right) Eunseok, Shohei, Seunghan | WWD

The SM Rookies remained active on social media after their introduction, sharing updates and selfies with curious fans. Their first public interactions with NCT members happened not long after, appearing in content with Doyoung and Jungwoo.

(left to right) NCT’s Doyoung, SM Rookies Seunghan, Eunseok, and Shohei, and NCT’s Jungwoo. | SM Entertainment

Fans were thrilled when the three rookies and Sungchan and Shotaro performed together during the SMTOWN Live concert the company held in different locations in Asia. Shohei and Eunseok scored their first runway jobs in September 2022, walking in Peter Do‘s New York Fashion Week show with NCT DREAM’s Jeno.

NCT DREAM’s Jeno, Peter Do, Shohei, and Eunseok.

In late 2022 and early 2023, the trainees participated in Welcome To NCT Universe with hosts Sungchan and Shotaro, appearing in the content alongside other NCT members.

Not long after the final episode aired, it was announced that Shohei would return to Japan to heal a back injury as the other two rookies continued their activities, sharing another vlog.

Shohei | @smrookies/Twitter

The last social media activities from the Rookies happened in April, leaving fans wondering what the rookies have been up to.

The latest update from SM Entertainment revealed that Eunseok and Seunghan would join the new boy group with Shotaro and Sungchan alongside members of Korean-American nationality.

The same update shared that Shohei would not be included in this new group or NCT “due to health reasons” and that “SM will do its best to support Shohei’s solo activities in the future.

Though there has not been an official update on Shohei, fans spotted him along with the other rookies and unnamed trainees a few weeks ago in Korea.

The new boy group is set to make their debut later this year. Will you be supporting the SM Rookies in their future endeavors?

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