NCT’s Renjun Confronts Doyoung About The Time He’d Hurt Him As A Trainee

“I must have said it too firmly.”

NCT Dream‘s Renjun and NCT 127‘s Doyoung rarely meet because of their differing schedules, separate dorms, and wide gap in age.


When they finally did by attending BoA‘s concert, Renjun took the opportunity to confront Doyoung about the time his words hurt him.

Renjun began by saying it happened back when they both shared a dorm. Doyoung had lived on the first floor while Renjun lived on the second.

Before they shared a dorm, Renjun had a habit of singing at night. Thinking nothing of it, he also decided to do it at the new dorm. That’s when Doyoung interfered.

Doyoung went upstairs to tell Renjun to keep the noise level to a minimum. After hearing Renjun retell his words, Doyoung burst into laughter and clapped his hands in amusement of his past self.

You came upstairs and told me, “Can you turn it down?”

Although Renjun knew why Doyoung had said it, it didn’t stop him from feeling hurt by the words.

What you meant was to let me know we need to stay quiet at that hour. But since I was new, I was quite shocked. I was a little hurt, actually.

Doyoung explained that he thinks of their neighbors by making sure everyone stays quiet at night. He did see how Renjun could be hurt by his straight-forward words and apologized.

We should think of neighbors, so I make sure people stay quiet at night. But, I must have said it too firmly.

Although it happened when Renjun was a trainee and they weren’t close at all, they both were able to address it now to further their relationship. Renjun even learned a lesson from it by being more considerate of others.

See him and Doyoung talk about the incident starting at 13:11.