NCT’s Renjun Has Everyone Laughing At His Advice On Hair Loss For A Fan

He knows the perfect balance between funny and serious.

NCT Dream‘s Renjun addressed a topic he’d never addressed before during his recent live broadcast.


Out of all the questions submitted by fans, he stumbled across one that was too interesting to pass up.

An NCTzen asked Renjun how to treat hair loss that’s caused by working late at night. As he read the question, he began to laugh at how unexpected and out of place it was. He then gave a hilarious answer.

Since he hasn’t experienced hair loss, Renjun asked why the fan asked him for advice about it. After the initial amusement, he then took the question seriously.

Why are you asking me that? I don’t know; I don’t have hair loss.

He told the fan not to worry too much about it because that will do more harm than good. To solve the fan’s problem altogether, he gave them simple advice.

The more you think about it, the more severe it will get. It’s like a psychological effect.

If staying up late was the cause of the hair loss, then they needed to stop staying up late. Renjun acknowledged the fact that it’s become inevitable for people to go to sleep early. Even so, he advised trying to go to sleep whenever your body lets you know it’s tired.

Then don’t stay up all night. It’s simple.

Not only did Renjun give NCTzens a good laugh with his response, but he gave advice that everyone can use in their daily lives. See his funny reaction to the fan along with his straightforward advice for them starting at 10:58.